Seksak Church of Light


The Issue

The Seksak Church of Light is a community Christian congregation in rural Cambodia made up of 100 local villagers. Together, they provide much needed community support  through shared religious services, communal meals, & distributing food & materials to the nearby villages.

They meet in found spaces, such as open fields, cleared muddy land or under small shelter. The Church wishes to establish a formal church building & shelters to provide their congregation to gather & conduct their activities safely.

Having received land donated from a member of their congregation & support from a missionary from Care Ministries International Australia Inc, they are in need of design support to realise this dream.

The Idea

We were engaged by a local Australian delegate from Care Ministries International to develop a concept plan for the church building, along with a sheltered outdoor meeting space & studio shelters. Due to the rural setting, lack of conventional building materials & skilled labor, We  restricted the design to readily available materials, such as bamboo, simple concrete structures & cob earth construction. Complex diagrams were substituted for simple diagrams illustrating the construction process step-by-step to assist the local labourers to realise the design.

Our Impact

By developing the design proposal in collaboration with the Church & providing clear drawings & documentation, the Church was able to communicate the project to donors & have secured funding. The Church has begun construction of the project.

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