We Are




"We don't want to just work for clients who only care about making money, we want to help improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in the world and design a better world for them.

Vigilanti was founded on this decision in 2017, in a small Sydney university classroom between three friends in their final year of Masters. We as designers can do more for the world than just "make things pretty".
Design is fundamentally about problem-solving, and we can apply our skills of problem-solving, creativity, and innovation to solve the biggest Social Issues in our society, to help improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Our three co-founders, Lexie, Eddie & Lin




We stand as Vigils in the dark, not accepting the world as it is but imagining a better, more equitable world for all




We are Vigilant in our stance and spirit, we stand up for what we believe is right and work with and in service to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our society.



We are Vigilantis, not in the traditional meaning of the word, but as people who take action against the injustices in the world.


To create positive change to the lives of vulnerable & disadvantaged people in our society by designing impactful solutions that help solve the social issues.


To design a world where Social Issues can be overcome.


We take action against inaction

We inspire hope in the hopeless

We offer help to the helpless


multi-disciplined team

If your only tool is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. But if you have a toolbox, you can find the right tool for the job.

We don't believe there is a silver bullet for problems as complex as Social Issues. To find any way to solve these problems useful, we need to try a mix of different ideas, strategies, and tactics.

We have built a multi-talented team of Designers, from a variety of Design disciplines and backgrounds, to increase the diversity of our ideas and skillsets, so we can find use the right tool to solve the problem.

Sometimes that might be designing an app, other time it's designing a new building, or sometimes it's a social media awareness campaign. Whatever, the problem, we have the talent to solve it.

Our three co-founders, Lexie, Eddie & Lin