Equity Housing Model


The Issue

Sydney continually ranks as one of the least affordable cities in the world. Housing is valued as an investment vehicle first, & a fundamental human need second. Evidence mounts against the current approach to housing development and its ability to meet the ever increasing demand for more affordable housing for citizens of all income levels.

Radical, new approaches to affordable housing development is urgently needed.

The Idea

Equity Housing Model is a Singapore-inspired housing development model that utilises leasehold ownership to deliver better, more affordable housing for middle & low income households.

The model seeks to change the way we approach housing development to ensure affordability & long-term security for low & middle income households.

Our Impact

The Equity Housing Model was recognised as one of the winning entries of the City of Sydney Alternative Housing Ideas Competition in 2019, where we had the opportunity to develop it further with the City, housing experts & community representatives.

We are continuing to advocate for the investment of a pilot project to demonstrate the possibilities of the model, as well as applying the lessons learnt through developing the model into our work in affordable housing design & advocacy.

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