Co-design Workshop - Understanding Needs

March 5, 2024

Understanding needs & co-designing a new workspace for the Redfern Legal Centre team

We are very excited to be assisting Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) to redesign the Baya Hall, part of their head office workspace within Redfern Town Hall.To ensure the design will align with the organisation's needs, we organised a co-design workshop with RLC team members to understand how they currently use the Hall and what improvements are needed. Everyone had a lot of fun contributing their ideas to creating a more usable and enjoyable space to work.There was a strong desire to make the space more special by highlighting RLC's work delivering much needed legal assistance to people experiencing disadvantage in our city as well as celebrating the First Nations community.We will explore these ideas further and implement them in the design to come. Engagement is an on-going process in our design process & we will continue to collaboratively co-design the space with RLC.

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