2050 Emergent Exhibition

October 27, 2019

Actively engaging with visitors to the 2050 Emergent Exhibition on the Equity Housing Model can help everyone Survive Housing

Big thank you to Spark Festival & City of Sydney for including us in their 2050 Emergent showcase!

We had a blast meeting new and emerging innovators to see a glimpse of what Sydney in 2050 could potentially look like.

On the day, we gave a pitch on "How might we leverage the design of urban spaces to help solve social issues" which is our core mission at Vigilanti and we were so happy to share that with everyone.

We also had a lot of fun showcasing the Equity Housing Model, and playing our custom card game "Surviving Housing", developed in collaboration with Namika Parajuli.

The game was a smash hit! Everyone had lots of fun, and through the game, they got a better understanding of how the Equity Housing Model aims to deliver more affordable, and secure housing, to make everyday life in Sydney less stressful.

If you missed out on getting a shot at the Surviving Housing card game, don't stress, we'll be showcasing the game next month as part of our final exhibition for the Alternative Housing Ideas Competition.

Surviving Housing Card Game
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